School Infrastructure

Class Room

Every Classroom equipped with furnished desks and table, a quiet place where the students can have mental peace and they are able to concentrate without any distractions.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are fully equipped to teach computer science. The lab has internet connections and learners access internet under watchful eyes of the staff members.

Science Labs

In RLB International Sr. Sec. School, classroom teaching is complemented with laboratory experiments to ensure that students grasp concepts thoroughly. Well stocked Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories provide a platform to students for discovery, experimentation, verification and thus arriving at their own conclusions, principles and theories.


This current generation is devoid of reading or children are more on digital space than on anything. In our endeavour to inculcate the habit of good reading, RLB International Senior Secondary School have loaded its library with age appropriate books.


For the improvement of physical and mental health, sports facilities are the most important aspects that parents need to consider before they admit their children to any school.


RLB International Senior Secondary School has its own fleet of 5 buses to cater the needs of our students and staff. The transport network predominantly covers all the major & important locations of Kanpur’s adjoining areas. The transport department determines routes, bus stops, assigns drivers for bus scientifically to make it a hassle free experience to parents, learners, supervisor and staff.


A school canteen can serve as an important setting for nutrition and health promotion.

The school canteen is a contracted one and maintains a high level of hygiene in food preparation and distribution. The students can have a good filling at an economical rate. The school has appointed teachers to monitor the food and hygiene in the canteen.

Art & Craft Room

The objectives of introducing crafts in schools is to help in the realization of these goals. Therefore, not only does it form an integral part of the school curriculum, but has its ramifications into other subjects of the school curriculum.

Dance / Music Room

The music room has a variety of musical instruments to learn western music and Indian music-both instrumental and vocal. The Dance studio provides a smooth performance space that facilitates students to explore various dance forms including classical, western, contemporary and folk.

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